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Fact checking: What come from pirate party and socialist section8 and what from communists?

 In the years 2011 - 2014 I was an more left as (but still) liberal activst participating at serveral discussions in the free internet in different forums or social media. 

From my point of view, many ideas that were produced together in common with stakeholders from pirate party and section8, had the most politically and avangardistic value and also flowed partially into the party program of other parties (e.g. Neos, SPÖ, even partly Greens, ÖVP, FPÖ).

I will list here the most impactfully issues:

I. Transparency 

I.1. Transparency (freedom of information) Act

In Austria and Bavaria a law called Amtsgeheimnis exists, that protects any and implicitly all communications concerning any official task or issue in state sector between employes of the state as strong classified. (like police officers, judges, social and work service, politicans, public health service, ...). Private not state tasks or issues concerning smalltalk conversation is certainly not affected by that law. All that communication is forever protected, even for old statesmen, when leaving state service at 70 years, its strictly forbidden to tell anything under to relatives, family or journalists. The penalization
and punishment even for such old men is very hard and consistent. There is no such opening step like in US, where even GOD (the CIA) opens some classified files after 40 - 60 years. Because of that and keeping secret citizens data (like  medical data files, pensions and doctor payments, ..) a transparency act was claimed in Februar 2013. Many personal data are in between visible for citizen by digital goverment platforms, other not so strictly single person concerning cases, are furthermore deep secretly.
One of the big problems, that still exist, is that "Amtsgeheimnis" even  beats the EU public contracts tendering law and official gouvernemental state tenders and Privatization / sale of public goods!

Feb 12, 2013, 7:34 PM

Vor 10 Tagen haben Sektion8 & Piratenpartei die Petition zum Transparenzgesetz veröffentlicht:

Sektion 8 wollte doch Akkzente setzen und nicht nur reagieren.
In dem Fall ist das sehr gut gelungen.
Gratulation, bei so einer wichtigen Sache.

Liebe Grüße,


Betreute Personen => kein unabhängiger Patietenanwalt (rechtlich, medizinisch) und mangelnde Menschenrechte & Monitoring

 Viele Menschen in Österreich benötigen Betreuung, sind pflegebedürftig, in Lebenskrisen (durch Schicksalsschläge, Schocks, Obdachlosigkeit, Gewalteinwirkung, Resozialisierung nach Aufenthalt, Aufenthalt in einer psychiatrischen Anstalt oder im Strafvollzug, Betreung von schwer Demenzkranken oder (Halb-)Komapatienten, oder chronische schwere Seuchen bzw. Suchtkrankheiten).

Egal um welche vom Leid getroffenen Menschen es sich nun handelt (sehr alte Senioren mit schwerer Demenz, Härtefälle betreut vom psychosozialen Dienst, in psychiatrische Kliniken zwangseingewiesene oder wohnungslose, die jetzt im sozialen Wohnen Programm sind, betreute WGs für Menschen mit Behinderung, ...), es gibt KEINE unabhängige Kontrolle und Monitoring und es gibt keinen Garant, dass jeder dieser Menschen eine rechtlichen und medizinischen Patientanwalt regelmäßig kontaktieren kann.

Was sind die Konsequenzen des Fehlens einer unabhängigen Kontrolle und eines unabhängigen Patientenanwalt?

Ein par Fallstudien (leider aus der Realität)!

  • Eine albanische Flüchtlingsfrau (ohne Bildung) steht nach Mißbrauch unter schwerem Schock. Aufgrund des Schocks gingen alle kommunikativen Fähigkeiten (einfache Sprache, Gebärden, Deuten, Nicken) bei ihr temporär oder ev. parmanent verloren. Die Frau hat permanent große Angst und wird in einer Einrichtung des PSD (Psychosozialen Dienst) betreut. Es ist unklar, ob Leute, die in den Mißbrauch verwickelt waren, sich auch in der Einrichtung befinden und keine Garantie, ob sich die Frau von dem Trauma unter gegebenen Umständen überhaupt abkapseln, erholen, regenerieren kann.
  • Ein WG-Bewohner in einer betreuten WG für Menschen mit Behinderung fühlt sich von seinen Mitbewohnern und den Betreuern schikaniert und gequält. Dem armen ist es unmöglich sich nur 2 Stunden in der Woche zurückzuziehen, um Musik zu hören, ein par schöne Erinnerungsfotos anzusehen oder ein Buch ein par Seiten zu lesen.
  • Ein auf einen Asylbescheid wartender nordafrikanischer Flüchtling wurde vom Flüchtlingslager aufgrund seiner Sexuakität und permanenten Stockschlägen in der Nacht auf eine psychiatrische Einrichtung verlegt. Zwar zufrieden über den besseren Schutz und keiner Folter, ist der Flüchtling in Sorge, dass er wichtige rechtliche Termine zu seinem Verfahren nun versäumt und so dann automatisch abgeschoben wird.
Wir sehen hier sehr gut, dass durch Fehlen einer unabhängigen Kontroll und Patientenanwaltschaft hier es zu leichten bis schweren Menschenrechtsverletzungen kommt.

Bitte diese Missstände umgehenst schleunigst beheben!


Risk of collecting biometric data

Authentication with biometric data intuitively appears extremely secure to the user, but biometric authentication is full of poisoned traps and deadly pitfalls.

Some general risks (not complete, add if you like more points)

  1. If the digital fingerprint is saved anywhere in a central database, then you can fake fingerprints, by generating a blueprint.#
  2. Same story, if the fingerprint is transmitted somewhere. 
  3. Even, if stored on local devices unencrypted or reversible symmetrically encrypted, than biometric data as fingerprints, eye scans, are great risks.

Some general risks (not complete, add if you like more points)

The only method of storing and transmitting biometric data is to never store them plainly or reversible encrypted. We remember all good old unix single system auth (/etc/passwd, //etc/shadow) and  crypt(3), do we? Non-reversible encryption!

Well, that's exactly what we need for all biometric data.

Example of current used hardware for fingerprint sensors (Google Pixel3)

When taking a short look at currently used biometric fingerprint sensors (case study from my on ice ground broken google Pixel3), we see some sensors with ICs like that:

Android fingerprint hardware (no matter if from high end Google Pixel or cheapest Huawei) aren't really top high end technology for biometric fingerprints.
Mostley, they are based on something similiar like MIKROE-4265 

There are many different biometric scan detvices, from fully integrataed hardware with  own windows drivers & software like; Kensington VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key K62330WW

Kensington VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key, K62330WW

up to more hardware driven devices like at;

Case study: "digital gouvernement" from Austria

Digitales Amt biometrische Auth

To be continued...


Most bogus random generator service for linux

on PasteBin:


nanos=`date +%N`;
secIGSO=`date +%s` 

urandomseek=`echo "$secIGSO  - $nanos" |bc` 

echo "\tsince1970-01-01.secs:\t$secIGSO - current.nanos:\t$nanos = urandomseek:\t$urandomseek" ;
echo "exec od -j $urandomseek -N `date +%S` /dev/urandom " ;

od -j $randomseek -N `date +%S` /dev/urandom 

Urandom service


Your own currency devalues and thou have foreign currency debt. How to solve that?

Consider / suppose you are a bank, an entrepreneur or a state foreign currency loan of the Republic of Turkey!

Turkish lira TRX is currently devaluing against € or US $.

What can you do now?

Well you can of course reduce risk via a forex pair swap.

In case, that you want to hedge the risk (that TRY don`t fall to much against € OR US$),  you bet on falling TRY/€ forex swap pairs in derivate secondary markets or if this doesn`t exist for huge amounts of TRY, than bet on rising up €/TRY US$/TRY for that case. 

What will happen with that hedge?

In case, that TRY looses more value against € or US$, your risk reducing swap works in the opposite direction.

Your losses will be smoothed out straight.

Attention for case if TRY will regain value against € / US$.

If TRY regains  value against € or US$, your foreign currency credit rate, will not become cheaper, because your hedge swap will loose for that case.

What we ignore in that simple example?

We ignore prime rate and credit rate changes, that could be triggered, when FED or ECB increases or decreases prime rates.

Kind regards,

Heinrich G. Elsigan
address: Ziegeleistraße 70 / 2, 4020 Linz
   mobile: +43 665 65589089
   emails: , 


Politische Korrektheit

Wandel der PCR in der Zeit

Ich formulierte letztens die Hypothese, dass die Steigerung der politischen Korrrektheit(sindikatoren) seit den 1990ern in allen Medien stetig anstieg:

Das betrifft sowohl Qualitätsprintmedien, Internetmedien, Radio und TV Medien.

1., War in den 1980ern im ORF dieses Format noch pointiert und witzig:
so wäre dies heutzutage wohl kaum noch zeitgemäß.

2. Waren FLAMEN, SHITSTORM und Godwins law in früheren Internetdiskussionsmedien, wie FIDO NET Boards, newsgroups (NNTP) noch durchaus üblich,
so wird heute jeder #SHITSTORM in Diskussionsmedien sehr kritisch gesehen.
Heute wird dieser alte CCC Freak Nerd Stl höchstens nur noch von Fefe im deutschsprachigen Raum kommunikationstechnisch benutzt:

3. Waren Seximus, (alt.binaries.pictues.erotica.* ...), LGBT Foren mit noch echten Sexualllen Techniken, politische Inkorrektheit (linux fortune = später message of the day) im Internet durchaus noch präsent, ebenso wie sehr politisch linksgerichtete und auch sehr republikanische Foren), so war der letzte Zeitgeist im standardisieren Mainstream auf eine kalte Art korrekt, ohne Penis, ohne Schusswaffen, ohne Systemkritik, ohne Protest und ohne schwarzem Humor. LGBT dürfen nur noch farbenfrohe Street Paraden veranstalten und müssen jedigliche sexuelle Elemente (LGBT ist im prinzipiell eine reine sexuelle Orientierung) verzichten.

Was ist die Ursache?

1. Scientology, new green left liberal talk.
2. Der Wert niemanden durch Worte, Postings verletzen zu wollen steht über der Meinungsfreiheit.

3. Status eine gewisse Hochsprache lesen und schreiben zu können, die einfache BäuerInnen, ArbeiterInnen, KleiunternehmerInnen und MigrantInnen entweder nicht verstehen oder zumindest nicht sprechen / schreiben können. (Früheres Privileg des Adels).

Einfache Lösungen für sehr komplexe Probleme

1. Persönlichkeitsrechte und das Recht auf Privatsphäre sind grundrechtlich verankert und bei Verstoß oder unbewilligter Freigabe von Inhalte diese Rechte bretreffend, kommt es selten zu einem Streit vor Gericht (besonders bei privaten Einzelpersonen).

2. Alle bestehenden internet medien Formate basieren entweder vollkommener Offenheit, Sichtbarkeit für bestimmte Personen, Unternehmen und Gruppen oder sehr sicheren nur für bestimmte Personen erreichbare gesicherte Kommunikationsräume.
Es gibt derzeit kein Diskussions- oder Internetmedienformat, wo jeder lesen kann, aber nicht sofort jeder kommentieren oder posten kann.
Eine Regel, die es erst lang mitlesenden und bewertenden Teilnehmern erlaubt nach Bewilligung auch schreiben und kommentieren zu dürfen, wäre Vorteilhaft.


Draft: Idea a multiple device dark net (.onion) cloud

 We've Azure Cloud with microservices, we have amazon cloud, with finest virtualization, but both are companies under patriot act and safe habor agreement. Some months / years ago, there where a lot of tor (dark net) bridges and endpoints in both of those clouds, but if the stock owners decide to prevent TOR in future, you're totally pissed on and you have no legal ability against that.

So lets build a onion scalable cloud, that uses each device with less CPU load and some SSD or similiar fast disk, to build a docker / virtual machine dark net cloud.


Maturaschularbeit Deutsch (English completly refactored and updated)

(I wrote the to the same theme 30 years ago my german completion of school work [Abitur] an essay):

It was a lot of generic gossip, where the difference between humanism and existentialism was worked out somewhat, (best intention before acting versus only the result and consequences of thour actions) and from my point of view now, I really didn't understand anything at all, anything about the world, the economy, about the hierarchy of law, about international trade agreements, about mechatronic or IT, buit
But I felt fine and arrogant, because I was so TOP in school in technical science subjects, chemistry, and especially math. [I couldn't model a complex problem with the best mathematical model, no, I didn't even understand linear optimization (simplex) or differential equations.
I'am a left liberal democratic atheist, because of many expierences near or beyond death and a more complex understanding of the abstraction of the mind in correspondence with the brain in our bodies (with heart and lungs) and the spatial and temporal limitation of any existence.
I am a staunch European and a great advocate of the Charter of Human Rights, because nowhere in the world are human rights so respected by law as in Europe
However, I am a little sad that Europe is losing more and more of its economic strength to China, India and the USA, because without a strong modern economy a social fair welfare state isn't possible. Unfortunately, Europe gave up its technically and scientifically innovative lead years ago.
The biggest technical innovations of the Europeans within the last decades were in my opinion GSM ( and Linux (Linus Torvalds from Finland & Alan Cox from Wales)
Unfortunately there were only a few companies in Europe (SuSE in Germany and otherwise linux was mostly only used in the university sector.
In 2010, Torvalds became a United States citizen when getting a job offer from TRANSMETA. In the USA dozens of large corporations use Linux technology, IBM, RedHat, Amazon, Google (Android the most successful further development of Linux for smartphones). and many other BIG players in NASDAQ stock exchange.
If we now take a closer look at android smartphone OS (which is essentially based on GSM and Linux), then the software manufacturer Google is based in the USA, the big phone hardware companies like Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Motorola are everywhere around the world, really everywhere except in Europe . Just two European groups Nokia (with a lot of financial capital aid from the giant Microsoft) and Alcatel (with a lot of support from an unspecified Chinese cooperation) have somehow survived in Europe on the technical course of time.
Don't understand me wrong, in Austria are a lot of good companies mostly within the Federation of Industrialists ( )
and they are still up to date due to the permanent further development of existing TOP products and expansion into new markets, but only further development and never the leap from totaly new innovation to international group succeeded. (We are still capable of new innovation even with economic future value and also to hold listed corporations well on the international markets, but Europeans have recently never managed to establish the proove of concept or prototype for an international product within a corporation).
The philosophy of USA and FED with low taxes, expansive monetary policy and stimulating labor markets, designed central bank policy and with enough freely available risk capital is unfortunately also unknown in Europe. (Perhaps a windy innovative inventor and innovator wanted to realize his idea here in a company too, but it failed because of enough free risk capital and legislation was much too regulative).
I'am stil in eternal spiritual love with my first three ex-girlfriends and the person I mostly trust is Bernhard Seiler, because he forgived me and so many people will never forgive me and a did nothing to them and the still hate me.
The male politician I admire the most is the former finance minister and industrialist Hannes Androsch (, because he's one of the few who argues for an economically strong and social position thanks to his vast know-how.
The female politician I admire the most is Hillary Clinton, because she campaigned for social and women's rights, killed the world's most dangerous terrorist for a long time without risiking American and NATO soldiers lifes somewhere far from home. Most of all, I adore Hillary Clinton because she forgave her husband Billclinton and stood by him and fought for him in the media like a lioness when she was emotionally hurt the most. Her good relationship with her pretty daughter Chelsea Clinton also lasts to this day.
I am now an middle aged more worn man marked by life, who prefers to look to the future positively rather than depressed, especially because for great Love and perspectives for his two sons. (my children).

The most needed reforms were, are and will still be education and pension reforms, because my children already got a bit know more economical and technical education, but the quality of basic public education is still not at the state of the art, where you as parent can be sure, that your kids have a solid natural science base and technical toolbox to not believe the crudest conspiration theories.


Dysphotic Future with failing Anti-Terror AI

In a dysphotic future, there will exist an AI, who monitors all public, privat and even dark net communication and discussion bords and if the AI detects and emotional HATE-SPEACH or VERY DESTRUCTIVE post, then it automatically creates a news story about a crime (e.g. terrorist attack or assault, slaughter, rape), where the victim is a virtual person baseed an designed on the victim, who was blamed in the discussion board. The perpetrator is portrayed similarly to the person who posted / wrote the hate speech in the discussion forum.

The problem with this is that in this future there are regular articles about terrorist attacks and also a lot of rapes, e.g. if a man with women's problems expresses himself indulgently in a gamer forum.

Originally the purpose was to see emotionally unstable people for the ultimate dire consequence of their actions, but with this deluge of gruesome articles more and more dulled people and overlooked the warning signs of real crime.

[Das Problem dabei ist, dass es regelmäßig in dieser Zukunft, Artikel über Terroranschläge gibt und auch viele Vergewaltigungen, wenn z.B. ein Mann mit Frauenproblemen sich ablassend in einem Gamer Forum äußert.

Ursprünglich war der Zweck, emotional instabilen Menschen die letztmögliche schrecklichste Konsequenz ihres Handeln zu veranschauen, aber durch diese Flut an grausamen Artikeln stumpfen die Menschen immer mehr ab und übersehen die Warnsignale für echte Verbrechen.]


Frage zum musikalischen Urheberrecht

Angenommen, ich nehme all den Klassikvorrat, der nicht unter das Urheberrecht fällt her (z.B. Kirchentonarten, alle Klassiker vor 1900 der Moderne, wie Bach, Mozart, ...) und nehme die minmal schützbare Tonfolgen als Samples Baukasten.
Was ist die Menge an Musik, die ich mit diesen Samples Baukasten durch Kombinatorik (theorethisch) erzeugen kann?
(Ich meine, welche Musik lässt sich theorethisch mit diesen Samples als Basis etzeugen).
Keine Sorge, es bleibt den neuen Urhebern genügend Material, weil alle Musik, die nicht auf dem klassischen Notensystem oder Pentatonik basiert (wie 5/9 oder 17/33 oder sonstiger Bruch 2er hoher Primzahlen Tonschritte) lässt sich damit sicher nicht abbilden.

Suppose I take all the classical music compositions, that aren't subject of copyright (e.g. church modes, all modern classics before 1900, such as Bach, Mozart, ...) and use the minimum protectable tone sequences as a sample construction kit.

What is the amount of music that I can (theoretically) generate with these sample modules through combinatorics?
(I mean, what amount of music can theoretically be created with these samples as a basis). 

Don't worry, there is enough material left for new composers, that want to produce under copyright, because all music that is not based on the classical notation system or pentatonic scale (such as 5/9 or 17/33 or other fractions of high prime numbers) cannot be reproduced with it.

Supposons que je prenne tout le stock de musique classique qui n'est pas soumis au droit d'auteur (par exemple, les modes d'église, tous les classiques modernes avant 1900, tels que Bach, Mozart, ...) et que j'utilise les séquences de sons minimales pouvant être protégées comme un exemple de kit de construction.
Quelle est la quantité de musique que je peux générer (théoriquement) avec cet exemple de kit de construction utilisant la combinatoire?
(Je veux dire, quelle musique peut théoriquement être créée avec ces échantillons comme base). Ne vous inquiétez pas, il reste assez de matière pour les nouveaux auteurs, car toute musique qui n'est pas basée sur le système de notation classique ou l'échelle pentatonique (comme 5/9 ou 17/33 ou d'autres fractions de nombres premiers élevés) ne peut pas être reproduit avec.


Semantic web lost in history / herstory around 2010, how to reactivate it & a short contract use case

Current hypes, trends and pushed business models at 2020

Let's take a short look at the current hypes, trends and pushed business models for companies:

  1. IOT (Internet of things), Industry 4.0
    Machines, units, etc. know and probably send their own status at manufacturer, service center, at home or somewhere else over the rainbow (in case of  ugly DNS injection, warped rouing tables [OSPF, BGP] ot men in the middle [squid bump, bluecoat, ...]).
    Those units normally,communicate when they need maintenance, when components soon needs to be replaced, when physical, technical or environmental critical limit reached, when subsystems fail or completley shut down, when the user when the customer operates it improperly or negligently, simply report in intervals that they are alive and everything's OK, , etc

    We can find a lot of use cases for many useful applications here, added value / surplus is often small but still useful! Problems with security, flood of data, extracting relevant events and, above all, reacting to the corresponding message are the challenges here.

  2. Cloud
    I like the cloud, but sometimes cloud feels cloudy, cloudier, obscure dust and smog over keywords and hypes and real hard technical features that generate great customer surplius and real cash or quality of business benefits.

    What are the most common problems, pitfalls and misunderstandigs with any cloud?

    • Lack of specific customer requirements and inaccurate, exact technical specifications from the cloud provider.

      Practical example (what I really need and I'm thinking about right now):
      I need to implement a state service, that saves current game status of small multiplatform games (e.g. card game schnapsenarchon clone, SUPU) in the cloud. If I play on my  android tablet or smartphone, the current state and course of the game will be transfered to a cloud servie, persisted in a cloud storage or database and if I continue playing on Windows desktop, the last state of the game is automatically fetched from the cloud and the game application sets that game state and transferred back to cloud after the next move.

      For my purposes the cheapest way will be sufficient:
      A simple Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume, Type t2.nano, t2.micro or t2.nano with a simple SQL-Database (no matter if hackish install at virtual imaage or the smallest Amazon DB instance) with somekind of open source PHP Swagger API, like

      With similar requirements, some developers and most managers are probably unsure whether to use Amazon ElasticCache or some kind of Session State Server ported to Azure SQL  or entirely another not well known cloud service.

      Even fewer people (including myself) know what the exact technical limits of the individual services are, e.g. the exact performance and scalable elasticity of Anazon Elastic Cache and when scalability of Amazon Elastic Cache is completely irrelevant, since the network traffic and the network data volume will always be the bottle neck in that specific scenario.

    • Nice advertising slogan, but poor performance and poorly configurable options from drive and storage providers, no standard network mount (like SMB or NFS), but a lot of cloudy magic.
      When I look at the beautiful Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, I immediately see that this is not a classic network file system mount under my point of understanding.
      Reading and writing large blocks or deep recursively nested directory trees is extremely slow.
      I also didn't find an option to have an incremental version history backup created after every change (Create, Delete, Change) to the Cloud Drive or at least simply midnight-generated backups for the last 3 months at low cost.
      Options like synchronizing parts of the Cloud Drive locally create horror nightmares.
      In 1997 we booted an NFS from the USA via Etherboot with real-time DOS and debugged faster Doom Clones and other 3D games in C ++ with some ASM routines and the network performance didn't fail.

    • Difficulty finding the most suitable service in Cloud Djungel. Real technical comparisons between the hard facts and the possibilities of the individual cloud services have so far mainly published by free bloggers, e.g. AWS Lambda vs Azure Service Fabric
      Decisions are more based on creeds (we have a lot of .NET developers, so we'll use Azure, I mah strong Amazon-like power women and Linux, so I'll use Amazon).

Lets go back to RDF in the years 2010 - 2015 

You probably know what semantic web, owl, rdf, machine readable & understandable data are, right?

If not, then here is a little bit of reading:

What does 'going back in time' mean in a large scope and broader sense?

Before all the new trends, there was an attempt to realize semantic web, e.g. RDF as an XML extension with semantic machine-understandable properties.

When we as human beeings read a website or analyze BIG data, we automatically recognize the context, perhaps the meaning and probably the significance of this data.

Machines can't do that, they didn't have a semantic understanding until now.

Information theory distinguishes between 3 levels of information:

  1. Syntax level (compiler construction, scanner, parser, automata & formal languages, extended grammar, e.g.
  2. Semantic level (meaningful reading by people, putting things into context, understanding contexts).
  3. Pragmatic level (goal-oriented action based on information by recognizing the meaning at the level of semantics).

I assume / postulate:

=> If computer programs reach 2. semantic level => then we are a big step closer to AI realization.

Why computer programs can't already implement semantic understandig? 

Theoretically and also practically in terms of technical frameworks, computer programs are already able to understand semantically data.

The concrete problem is here, that too little data are provided in a semantically machine-readable form and a standardized (META-)language.

Example: Regardless of whether Statistics Austria, Open Data GV or ECB, etc, certainly provide very good statistics, but none of them provide semantic machine-readable data.

Somebody has to make here a  larger startup, to transform already provided common and needed statistics public data in semantically machine-readable form.

What does that actually bring in return of short time invest?

Not so much immediately!

What could be the fruits in mid-term or in the long tail?

A lot, because when more and more public open data are availible in a semantic machine readable language, programs can also bring some of them in association and we'll be able to implement meta relational AI rules then.

Use case contracts

Semantic programs doesn't only mean mass data fetching and putting them into relation. 
Semantic programming could also in principle support any very formal business process, e.g. contract management for

  • employment contracts
  • supply contracts
  • service provider contracts
  • insurance contracts
  • bank contracts 
  • and all the contracts that people sign with just one click on a checkbox (which they usually do not know that this is a legal contract consent).

All clear and understandable so far?

I got this idea when I was looking and inspecting the adopted amendment to the laws and newly passed laws by the democratic republic of Austria and I wanted some semantic automated statistics for some use cases. 

For details look at post
or read the post copy below:


Schlafstörungen, nächtliche Recherche und IBM Security

Aufgrund nächtlicher Schlafstörungen recherierte ich ein wenig, denn für ein komplett neues android system image kompilieren, war ich trotzdem viel zu müde.

Dabei fand ich diese netten IBM Security Produkte und noch ein par andere Dinge:

IBM's still alive

IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK

Hier gibts so ein trusted mobile device (andoid, iphone, tablet) SDK (Software Development Kit), das Kompromittierungen (root, hacked, jail-breaked, untergeschobene root-CAs um SSL aufzubrechen und evtl. Staatstrojaner und ähnliches erkennt). Jedenfalls sollten Entwickler damit sicherere verteilte Anwendungen für Cloud u.s.w. hochverfügbar implemetieren können:

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions

Das hier ist auch so eine mobile security Geschichte, die mobile Geräte Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter garantieren will. Also so kein "Nachhause-Telefonieren" durch irgendwelche untergejubelten Drittanbieter Apps, klassische End-2-EndPoint Secuirty, u.s.w.

IBM Security Products (case study fraud detection)

Dann zeigt IBM weiter noch, dass es auch eine standardisierte Fraud detection (wahrscheinlich generisch erweiterbar) kann! Ich schätze diese Fraud Detection Engine geht wahrscheinlich über Insolvenzregister, KSV, Casinosperre, Standardbonitätabfragen und dubiose exotische Prepaid oder sontige WireCreditCards hinaus und lernt kontinuierlich (à la Virenscanner):

Zu guter letzt fand ich noch einen sicheren Terminal-Server (diesmal nicht IBM, den sich auch mal wer ansehen könnte):

Gehe jetzt wieder ins Bett, gute Nacht / guten Morgen.


Warum ich der Welt grundlegend misstraue?

Die Zeitung "Die Welt" schrieb: "Ein Forschungsteam hat sich den Erfolg der deutschen Kapitalanlage im Ausland gründlich angeschaut. Dabei hat sich gezeigt, dass die Deutschen bei ihrer internationalen Geldanlage ähnlich erfolglos sind wie bei der Anlage ihrer Ersparnisse." "Andere Länder sind mit der Anlage ihres Auslandsvermögens deutlich erfolgreicher. Seit 1975 liegt die jährliche Rendite deutscher Anlagen im Ausland um fünf Prozentpunkte unter den Erträgen, die die USA erwirtschaften, und immer noch drei Prozentpunkte unter der Rendite, die die anderen europäischen Länder im Durchschnitt erwirtschaften." "Deutsche Anlagen im Ausland besser managen Allein im Zeitraum seit der Finanzkrise hätte Deutschland ein zusätzliches Vermögen im Umfang von zwei bis drei Billionen Euro aufbauen können, hätte es sein Geld ähnlich gut angelegt wie Kanada oder Norwegen. Pro Kopf der deutschen Bevölkerung entspricht das 28.000 bis 37.500 Euro! Auf einen Schlag hätten wir ein um 50 Prozent höheres Vermögen." "Was zu der folgenden Frage führt: Woran liegt es? Darüber kann man nur spekulieren. Um uns zu verbessern, sollten wir zwei Dinge tun: weniger im Ausland anlegen und unsere Anlagen im Ausland besser managen."
Web Link: Screenshot: Äh, wieso muss Deutschland sein Vermögen im Ausland inverstieren? Performance der Börsenleitindezes einiger europäischer Staaten inkl. Schweiz. Wir sehen, der DAX stieg um 254%! Jetzt mal angenommen, die Deutschen hätten ihr Geld in der Schweden oder in der Schweiz angelegt: das wären ja immer noch satte 228% oder 132%. Von Signapur oder den USA rede ich jetzt gar nicht einmal, sondern nur von Europa. Selbst bei Investitionen in den Eurostoxx oder den italienischen Leitindex wäre das noch immer ein kleines Plus von 50%. Und bitte, Italien ist nicht unbedingt das kapitalistischte Land der Welt, oder? Europäisches Land Steigerung von 22.02.2009 bis 10.02.2021: Deutschland 354,19% Schweden 328,13% Schweiz 232,96% Eurostoxx 208,29% Italien 155,45% Griechenland 14,66%

P.S.: Was mich aber wirklich wundert:
Wie in aller Welt konnte Deutschland mit dieser hohen Staatsquote so extrem gut gegenüber der sparsamen liberalen Schweiz performen. Ich vermute, es liegt an den Freihandelsverträgen, die die EU genial aushandelte.

Ich vermute: Da die deutsche Wirtschaft auf Export ausgelegt ist, ist jeder Freihandelsvertrag ein Boost im DAX.

Was hindert eigentlich die Deutschen daran, sich an deutschen Unternehmen zu beteiligen? Ich mein Mtarbeiterbeteiligung ist ein etwas moderneres, aber nicht gerade sehr neues sozialistisches Konzept, das bei so Betrieben, wie der VOEST Alpine, inzwischen sogar [Geschäfsgeheimnis] und [Geschäfsgeheimnis] in Österreich und sogar inzwischen einigen US amerikanischen Unternehmen oder japanischen Unternehmen Gang und Gebe ist. Sind aber alles Industrie- oder IT- Unternehmen. (bis auf Goldman Sachs), aber Nomen est Omen und dort ist immerhin der Sachse vergoldet und nicht Paria.
Welcher Mitarbeiter oder Manager von mittel bis CEO vertraut bitte dem eigenen Unternehmen nicht? Das klingt verdammt nach "Deutscher Bank" oder? Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass ein BMW Mitarbeiter den bayrischen Motorenwerken nicht vertraut oder ein VW Mitarbeiter nicht den Guys in Wolfsburg oder Ingolsstadt. Ich würde sogar T-Systems vertrauen und dort mein Geld investieren!


n-sphere hypermaps ⇒ cattle breeding

Have you ever noticed the advantage of real n-sphere hypermaps?


That is very sad, because with hypermaps thou would understand, recognize, realize immediately,

  1. that alpine pastures for cattles offer little crop yield for humans;
  2. that mordern technical agricultureof is nearly impossible in hilly and mountainous impassable areas with rocks and small swamps inside and only 2% continuous flat area per hectare.
  3. that cattle breeding in certain climatic alpine mountainous regions has much lower risk as Agricultureof with poor hervests in worse case.
  4. that cattles transforrm & recycle low-calorie vegetarian naural grown food much better than humans or hunter mammals with a short intestine.
  5. that chances of success for cattle and sheep breeding are similarly much higher as profitable modern agriculture at Scottish Highlands in the marsh, around rual areas beside Loch Ness, on Outer Hebrides and on small isles (Inishbofin, Claire Island) near the Irish north-west coast.


hard fact reality vs narrative story telling (playing) theater from the point of triggers


The meaning of triggers in this article according to information theory.

A trigger is an impulse that causes people or programmed machines to take certain actions after a message has been understood in both semantic and pragmatic context. Strong triggers include furthermore the feeling of high priority and generate a strong tendency to act, well as an awareness of the consequences of not acting now.

Some examples for triggers

  1. Weather is stormy and rainy (semantically and pragmatically understood) ⇒  
      (Trgger  (T)   
    ⇒  I have to open my umbrella

  2. Fire breaks out ⇒ 
      (Trgger  (T)   
    ⇒  Trigger fire alarm and call fire department

  3. FED is lowering prime interest rate from 2,25% to 0,5%. ⇒ 
      (Trgger  (T)   
     Let's get a cheap credut (loan) in US$ and 
    make classical leverage invest in Dow Jones & Nasdaq!

Detect hard fact reality vs story telling theater by observing behavior of trigger

When I was in the army long time ago, we learned several emergency commands / orders. One of that was 'AC-Alarm' (Atomic nuclear, biological or chemical are launched, so troops had to immediately Initiate protective suit and emergency measures)

Nobody was ever maling many funny jokes in that training, similiar to fire breaks out ⇒ fire alarm in the examples above. When observing the trigger behavior. everybody recognizes, that this is no playing game and a real dangerous situation. Same story, when people are infected with HIV (AIDS) Virus or (not so deadly) Malaria.

Well, when looking at the Coronavirus, triggers are too soft, negligently, inconsistent.
Remember all DioxinPlutoniumAnthrax incidents in the last 25 years, remember even Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. triggers were much more hard and serious, even when there was never danger for many people in all that cases.

According the media Coronavirus has already killed hundreds of thousands of alleged dead, but nobody's reacting or triggering heavy casualties for real. People are still playing that game, but nobody takes / triggers that Coronavirus real serious / grievous.