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Energy saving through dynamic working hours according to geographic circumstances?

Norge vinter sommer skip historisk

Scandinavia summer winter day length

Yearly Sun Graph for Oslo

Life rhythm - how it worked historically?

During winter with few hours of daylight Scandinavians were less active outside, ships were mostly overwintered, there were joint gatherings. In the summer, where Scandinavians had daylight from 14 hours to 18 hours per day, the people were longer active outside.

How is that elsewhere?
In southern mediterranean regions, a siesta is held during the summer at high noon and in the Middle East, North Africa nobofy travel through desert at high noon or early afternoon.

Would it make sense in Scandinavia to extend working hours in summer by 1,5h additionally and to shorten the same time interval from working hours in winter?
No idea, I simply don't know!

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