- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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How to cross verify hot infos in social media

Example for civil war in Syria
  • For real good infos check several social media carefully
  • Get many, who represent different aspects & points of view
  • Learn methods to check & verify, if sources are really spot
  • Cross verify infos.
  • Do not trust easily (50% bullshit, 20% fakes)
basic information
Most local activists will write in the national language, although many of them speak 2-3 languages (good chance for rookie in english), but I trust first time always more those, that write in inet social media with their local language.

Activists are very clever. They know that they are read by reporters and if they don't like that, they often use images with the written words in their language or use local slang!

hack G+ nearby stream for public postings from certain geoloc
You can hack google+ nearby stream (I wrote about this already some articles) to obtain public postings on Google+ from any geolocation you would like. But be carefull, injection from to any geolocation is possible!

Syria, Aleppo

Rojava, Kobanê

Syria, Damaskus

Lebanon, Beiruth

  • Use Google News & Blogs (to find activist bloggers)

  • Read articles in local serious news media like Aljazeera

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