- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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Yet another Google Nearby Stream blog article

So last week, I was reading these two interesting articles about faking browser location for google nearby stream:

But this didn't work fine in any case.

So I redirected my browser via onion router as proxy to see what will happen with google location. When using Socks5 tor proxy google nearby stream was adjusted to geolocation of the tor exit node.

But now I found a feature to set google nearby stream location without using any faking geolocation browser addons or onion dark network.

Austria, Vienna:
Shift longitude with lattidue of Vienna:,48.2000000
Italy. somewhere:,15.9728339
Greece, Athen:
Germany, Berlin:

P.S.: I already wanted to implement a google location bot (based on the most stupid irc bot), that shuffles a random location and answer posts, that contain specific key or bad words.

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