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Russian Federation achieved significant advancements compared to Communism

Under Communism there was a ban on religion,
in the Russian Federation there is freedom of religion now!

In Stalinism there existed a whole apperate for the internal control of the citizens and the fewest citizens of the Soviet Union had courage for privacy.
The citizens and companies of the Russian Federation are, after US No. 2 in encryption and use of the Tor Onion Router, see: [ ]

The Soviet Union had a fully communist order,
Russian Federation has a modern constitution: [ ]

The West often criticizes folliowing points concerning Russia:
  1. Christian russian iorthodox church is partially somewhat hardcore!
    This is logical, religion was suppressed throughout the Soviet era, and the bishops were underground fighters who were oppressed.
    Obviously, the top of the orthodox church now are exactly those underground fighters, and even Martin Luther King or MalcomX were not as softly liberal as later referent Jesse Jackson.
  2. Russia is not a perfect "western" democracy
    Sure, but the Russian president may only stay in office for two consecutive times and then has to pause at least one full period before he can start again.
    The supreme Soviet remained continuously in the office, but the German chancellor can also be elected as often as desired, and, in contrast to Russia, does not even have to pause a full period after 2x elected.
  3. Putin likes "Dictator" Erdogan
    Yes, because of his courage to dogfight! Erdogan set there an important symbolic act. All sponsored rebels, but also Russian, Turkish, Iranian officers and CIA intelligence personnel died in the conflict areas, they were never officially mentioned and did not even receive even a military funeral. All the parties used jets only as support for body groups, the life of the soldier is cost-effective, so a jet is so expensive.
    Erdogan ended this type of war, where many rebels fought without a sovereign badge, he danced the Dogfight with a Turkish-flagged F16 against a Russian-flagged SU-24, and sent the dead pilots to Moscow with full military honors. This reminded of more civilized times

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