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FBI was acting like fullmad bearing investigators in 2016

The FBI acts like fullmad bearing investigators during the year 2016:

A complex 4-part investigation according her duty as secretary of the state from 2009 - 2013 was made by the FBI.
Result was, that on her private email server C-labeled information were stored and foreign governments on it had a lot of access.

Ok, this isn't so nice, but in the way, this investigation was made in the middle of year 2016 just short time before US election is somewhat strange (3 years after ending her duty)

There was a lot TOP secret and not only C-labeled information accessed by foreign govs (e.g. newest military stealth technology) and Snowden leaked a lot, but there was never such a large investigation by the FBI concerning one single person, who runs 4 president)

Wikileaks published leaks of Clinton Emails already in 2012, see: (so the FBI is really fast working)

The narrative of "romanian hacker" in at end of year 2015 by zero hedge is so what a kind of bullshit
(maybe to ensure that the business banker guys got also this information; maybe to animate them to contact the FBI)

Sure is, that several foreign information services and everybody, who wants has acccess, had access via Wikileaks to some of Clinton Emails since at least 2012.
But in 2012, FBI had no interest ??? to examine this incident, cause no one gave them the order to examine it. (FBI doesn't make investigations on his own)

I claim, that the FBI hacked the US election with that strange behavior and searches someone with false flag to blame. Some claim, that it was the Kremlin, who published the "hacked Clinton emails" again to the news. This isn't true. The story became very hot after the FBI's investigation, not before,
Really, really!
Unlike CIA false flags, which are deliberately generated directly to trigger geopolitical effects, this FBI false flag is more something like We built crap and now we have to put someone underneath

Ironic: Why they don't label an Iranian hacker group operarting from the Darknet as possible Perpetrators, isn't so clear

So the FBI blames #Russia (not clear if russian state, FSB, hacker group)

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